What Is Metamucil And How It Can Benefit You

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Last Update March 3rd, 2017 – We have created this site to create quality information about Metamucil, Psyllium and Isabgol.  In this article we will have a look at the basic question which many people have – What is Metamucil?  We will also have a look towards answering few more basic questions about Metamucil including its ingredients and its affect on us.

What is Metamucil?

Metamucil is a branded fiber which is sold in the stores.  If you talk to people who have taken metamucil or know about metamucil the most common perception about Metamucil is that it is a great laxative.  However that is not the true definition.  In fact that is a misconception, though metamucil is in fact an excellent laxative, but that is an additional benefit.  The best way to describe metamucil would be that it is one of the best Fiber supplements.  It should be taken to fulfill the gap in the amount of fiber we need and which we do not get from the food we eat daily.

The reason Metamucil is so well known is because of its long existence as a brand (since 1934) and today it is owned by Proctor and Gamble.  Here is the official website for Metamucil.

What Does Metamucil Do?

To explain it is a simple phrase – Metamucil provides you the dietary fiber which you need on day to day basis.  To understand the importance of metamucil let me try to explain a little bit about dietary fiber to you.  Dietary fiber are also known as roughage which is not digested by your body.  It is passed from the stomach to the small intestine and then to the colon for elimination.  Our digestive system can not break down fibers or digest it.  Fiber is present in almost all plant parts which we eat and which is not processed to much.

There are two types of fibers.  Soluble – which dissolve in the water and form gel like solution and Insoluble which does not get dissolved in the water and pushes the bowels more easily. Metamucil is a type of insoluble fiber. Since most of us do not take the recommended amount of dietary fiber Metamucil can help you to meet your dietary fiber needs.

What is the Recommended Daily Metamucil Dosage?

Metamucil Fiber Singles

Metamucil Fiber Singles

Usually most of us take very less food which can provide us good amount of fiber.  Human beings need between 20 to 40 grams of fiber depending on the age an whether you are male or female.  You can think of around 30 grams of fiber on an average for your daily need.

However you should not aim to fulfill all your dietary needs from metamucil alone.  It is recommended to take around 10 grams of metamucil / day divided into three doses.  However it can differ from person to person depending on the health condition and the age.  It can also vary upon the amount of fiber you usually take daily on regular basis.

What Are The Metamucil Ingredients?

Metamucil mostly consists of Psyllium husk which is from a plant from a plant group called Plantago.  The husk is created from the seed of this plant. It is one of the best known sources of soluble fiber.  For more information read more about Psyllium here.  Psyllium has a bland taste.  Hence some flavor and sweetness is often added to Metamucil to make it more palatable.  Still the major ingredient for Psyllium still remains Psyllium.

What Are The Various Metamucil Packet Types and Offerings?

MetamucilMetamucil comes in various packages so that it can suit people who have different tastes and preferences.  Metamucil comes as tablets, capsules, wafers and soluble powdered form.  The wafers come in two flavors which are Apple and Cinnamon and they have a crispy taste. The capsules have options of added Calcium which are good for bone health. Then there is another variation called Fiber singles. Finally it also comes as flavored powder which comes in various flavors such as Orange, Berry and Lemonade.

Metamucil Sugar Free Option

Although Metamucil is good for Cholesterol and keep the blood sugar low some people prefer to have it with any sweeteners.  For them Metamucil is offered in a sugar free options also.  One of the options is Sugar Free Orange Smooth. One more is Sugar Free Berry Smooth.  You can find the Sugar free options here.

Metamucil Health Benefits

Here are some of the health benefits offered by Metamucil –

Great Bowel Movements and Promotes Digestive Health

Lowering of Cholesterol.

Lowering risk of Heart diseases.

You can Find much more information about metamucil in this Site.  Just explore and get all the information you need.

For a more detailed report read the metamucil product review.

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