What is the Best Time to Take Metamucil

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Many people who follow this blog and take Metamucil of Isabgol often ask us a common question.  What is the best time to eat or take Metamucil? The answer to this question may not be straight forward. Depending on the benefit you want or the type of condition you may be suffering from Metamucil should be taken at different times.  Here are some of the points you should keep in mind regarding the time which should be good for taking Metamucil.

Metamucil for Weight Loss

If you are going to take Metamucil for weight loss you should consider taking it around 30 to 60 minutes before food. Taking metamucil around that time will suppress your hunger and make you feel full.  This way can avoid overeating. There are many overweight persons who want to reduce weight but they are not able to resist food.  For such persons, taking metamucil before food can be really helpful.

Metamucil for Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

For those who want to control their blood sugar levels, you should take it around 30 minutes before food.  When you do this Psyllium will mix with the food you have and prevent it from being absorbed in the blood stream too quickly. When sugar is release into the blood stream slowly, you can avoid the problem of insulin rising too fast in the blood.

Metamucil for Constipation Relief

A major section of people take Metamucil for constipation relief.  Psyllium is one of the best natural laxatives. If you want to take Metamucil for constipation relief you should take it around the bed time.  Metamucil will then expand in the stomach and push out all the material in the bowel.  Make sure that you take lot of water else you may create more problems due to chocking.  If the constipation is too severe take Metamucil in the afternoon also.

When Under Medication

When you are under some medication you should always ask your doctor about taking Metamucil, since it can cause the medication not to be absorbed in the blood stream. If you still need to take it make sure you do not take Metamucil, make sure you take it 2 hours before or after the medication.

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