When Psyllium Is Not The Right Choice For You

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When is not the correct time to have Psyllium or Metamucil? In this website you will find many article about benefits of metamucil and Isabgol. So are are any times when it may not be that beneficial to have Psyllium fiber? The answer after a workout when you take protein meals you should avoid psyllium fiber. In fact you should not take isabgol for at least around 1 hour after the protein meals after intense exercise.

The reason is simple. After heavy exercise your body needs energy and protein to build up the muscles which are torn during exercise. Proteins are the building blocks for muscles and it is important to take right amount of protein after workouts. After the workouts body is in prime shape to absorb the proteins and the carbs very fast and push them into the muscles.

When you take Psyllium it blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and proteins which can be counter productive to muscle building. Psyllium can reduce the exposure of the intestinal walls to the food by forming a layer hence slowing down the absorption rates.

One more instance when metamucil may not be appropriate is when you try it for kids. There are several reasons behind this which you can read in the article here.

Psyllium Seed Husks

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However you are looking to fulfill your fiber needs with the help of psyllium you can take it couple of hours before or after the meals.  If you are reluctant then you can try the metamucil orange flavor. This way you can get the benefits associated with Psyllium fiber. You can also take Psyllium on days you do not do exercise and take high carbs diet.

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