Which Are the Healthiest Sources of Dietary Fiber

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If you take a look at any health related discussion, the chances are that you will come across the term dietary fiber.  Dietary fiber is nothing but combination of soluble and insoluble fiber in our food which is primarily from plants.

It is now well accepted in the medical and nutrition field that dietary fiber is really important for our well being.  Dietary fiber helps in controlling our cravings which leads to maintaining a healthy weight level.  Dietary fiber also help in reducing the risks of heart diseases and controlling the blood sugar levels.

Which Are the Foods Rich in Dietary Fibers?

There are many sources of dietary fibers and your choice is only limited by the type of vegetable and fruits you take.  At least some amount of dietary fiber is present in almost all vegetables and fruits.  However some of them contain richer amount of fibers.

Here are some of them –

Best Source of Dietary FiberFruits – Most fruits contain fiber.  However best sources of fiber are Raspberry, pears, blackberries and apples.  For more information on fruits which are good sources of fiber read the article here.

Vegetables – Similar to fruits vegetables are also excellent sources of fiber.  The advantage of vegetable over fruits is they do not contain the amount of sugar which is present in fruits in natural form.  If you are in need for quick energy fruits are better, but for low sugar and high fiber vegetables are better.  Most leafy vegetables are excellent sources of the two fiber.  That does not mean that other kinds of vegetables are not good.  Read this article for more information.

Nuts, Legumes and Seeds – Nuts, legumes and various seeds are also contain significant fiber.  For example Flax seeds or Psyllium seeds are well known fiber sources.  Nuts such as Almonds are also good sources of fibers as well as other vital nutrients.

So Which is the best source of fiber?

Best Source of Fiber

So the question is which is the best source of fiber.  In the year 1986, Harvard medical school mentions that a experiment done on 40,000 health professional over a period of six years found that Cereals or whole grains reduces the risk of Coronary heart disease significantly.  This study is significant since it was done mainly on health professionals and over a prolonged period.  As per this study the best source of dietary fiber is whole grains from which Cereals are taken.

Overall, it is better to take all kinds of fibers instead of picking and choosing.  This will make sure that your diet remain healthy and nutritious.


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