Which Burger King Menu Item Has Most Fiber

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Burger King is a famous fast food chain and spreading rapidly all over the world.  MAny people eat out there but they are not aware about the food nutrition content. In the last article we explained why some of the McDonalds menu items are bad for you.  The main reason for this is the high calories and saturated fats in the items along with low fiber content.  That is a deadly combination.

In this article let us see how Burger King measures up in terms of dietary fiber.

In the Burger King Menu we saw there more than 100 items and we tried to focus on the dietary fiber column to see the amount of fibers in the various items.  We found that most of the items had dietary fiber quantity of 1 to 3 grams.

As expects the Oatmeals which uses Quaker Oatmeals had good amount of fiber – that is 5 grams of fiber but that is the maple and brown sugar flavor which also had 29 grams of sugar.  The other two Oatmeal items Kids Oatmeal and Quacker Oatmeal Original had 3 grams of fiber and only 9 and 1 grams of sugar respectively which is good.

Which Item Had Highers Dietary Fiber?

The item which had the highest amount of dietary fiber in Burger King menu was Tacos.  It has 8 grams of fiber.  We also saw two sandwiches namely Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich and Veggie Burger which had decent amount of fiber.  They both have 7 grams of fiber.  If you do not take the dressing or the Tartar Sauce they also become much lower in calories and Saturated fats.

Items to Avoid

We would suggest that do not go for any of the Croissans.  They have little food value, high in saturated fats and low in dietary fiber.

And what about the BK famous chicken nuggets?  They are better.  Though low in fiber, they are high in protein and low in saturated fats.  You can munch on them occasionally.

If you are a regular at Burger King you can see the menu here and find out the items which you like the most and decide if they are good for you and your family.

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