Which is the Best Meal to Have Fiber?

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Traditionally American Dietitians advice taking around 25 to 30 grams of fiber each day.  This much dietary fiber is essential for good bowel movements, gut health and heart health.  However now a days some school of thought recommend having more than just 25 to 30 grams of fiber.  Some people take up to 40 to 50 grams of fiber without any side effects.

Apart from taking good amount of fiber, one question people have in mind is which meal is the best to take more fiber.

Best Meal Time For Taking Fiber?

The best time for taking fiber would depend on the type of food you take in a particular meal.  If you take more carbohydrate and fried food in a particular meal normally it is better to include more fiber rich foods in the meal.  You can add more salads and sprouts for adding more fiber.  If you add more fiber rich foods to your meal, you will notice that the hunger will get reduced.  You food will take more time to digest and it will not be absorbed into the blood stream too fast.  If you remain constipated a lot then you should take more fiber in the evening so that you can get relief from constipation.

You can also get a good start to your day by taking more fiber.  You can take a good old Oatmeal bowl and if required add some eggs on the side.  This will provide both fiber and protein and also keep your hunger in control.

On the whole try to take sufficient fiber with all meals as much as possible.  Sometimes that may not be possible.  For example if you have planned a outing with friends to a restaurant which may not contain too much healthy food, then take an Apple 1 hr before the meal.  That way you will get your fiber and it will keep you satiated and prevent over eating.

If you have missed taking healthy food through out the day take a tablespoon of Metamucil with two glasses of water.  This will add up to your fiber needs for the day.

Taking such small steps can make sure that you are taking getting sufficient fiber and your fiber needs are met properly.

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