Which is the Best Time to Take Psyllium for Weight Loss

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If you are planning to take psyllium for weight loss then many questions may cross your mind. Some of the common questions are –

  • What is the best time to have it?
  • Is it better to take in the evening ot in the night?
  • Should it be taken before or after meals?
  • Should it be taken daily?
  • What are the precautions?

In this article I will try to answer these questions for you.

Metamucil is essentially a food fiber. In today’s world refined foods are being used and marketed more and more. Hence it is natural that we have started taking more refined food as compared to out ancestors. If you compare the amount of food taken by our ancestors as compared to us it may surprise you that most of our ancestors used to eat in more quantities as compared to us. Still they were mostly leaner and stronger compared to us in general.  They also suffered from heart attacks and other metabolic diseases much lesser than us.

One of the reasons for better health of our ancestor despite taking more food was they were more active physically. But more importantly they used to take lot of fibers in their food. Some reports say that our ancestors used to take as much as 100 grams of fiber. Presently doctors recommend taking around 30 grams of fiber daily.

Psyllium for Weight Loss


Taking fiber helps a lot in keeping weight in check as it does not allow the blood sugar to shoot up rapidly.  Constant high blood sugar levels is one of the major reasons for us being overweight.

So what is the best time to take Psyllium?

The best time to take psyllium is before the meals. You can take it 15 minutes to half an hour before the meals. There are multiple reasons behind doing this.

Firstly it will bloat in the stomach and reduce the appetite. This will help you to control your food intake.

Second reason is psyllium will mix with the food you will take in the meals and slow down the absorption into the body from the intestines. This will slow down the blood sugar levels from shooting up rapidly.

Third reason is it will remove cholesterol and the fatty tissues.

Fourthly taking psyllium will also require you to take sufficient water which will cause you to feel full.  Always remember to take sufficient water whenever you take psyllium.

One last trick – If you need to attend a party or eat out and are worried that you may take lot of calories I would suggest that you take a table spoon of metamucil and drink water before you go to the party. This will ensure that you hunger is under control and you do not over indulge yourself without having to control yourself too much.  Isn’t it a cool trick?

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