Which Oatmeal is Better – Instant or Ready to Eat Cereal?

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In the last article we touched upon why Oatmeals are so good for you.  However you may be aware that there are various kinds of Oatmeals which are available in the market.  If you are looking to have Oatmeals for controlling your appetite which one is better?

To study this a study was done and it was published in the nutrition journal.  This study tried to compare the hunger suppressing effectiveness of Instant Oatmeal or Old Fashioned Oatmeal as compared to Ready To Eat Cereal which contained Oats.

Which is Better Instant Oatmeal or Ready to Eat Cereal?

Various factors are responsible for controlling out appetite.  One of them is Serotonin which is a chemical in the brain.  Another factor is viscosity of the food when it is in the intestines.  One of the interesting article in this topic is does Paleo diet suppress hunger.

As per the researches in the study when the food is more viscous it spreads and moves more easily in the intestines.  Then it gives a feeling of fullness or Satiety.  When you have a feeling of being full you would not tend to eat more and more likely to avoid calorie full of jun foods which are mainly responsible for weight gains and other metabolic problems.

There were 48 individual in the study and it was found that Instant Oatmeal or the Old Fashioned Oatmeal had more effective control on the hunger as compared to the group which took Oat based ready to eat cereal.  Instant Oatmeal had this effect more prominent for four hours.

The reason behind this could be the way Oats are process as well as the presence of other ingredients in the ready to eat cereal.  Oats are full of beta-glucan which is soluble fiber and fiber is gaining more popularity for its many health benefits including weight control and heart health benefits.

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