White Beans Can Improve Your Health Drastically

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The beans which are usually white or off white in color are known as white beans.  Usually they a collection of different kinds of beans and may be sold in the market under various names such as navy beans (since they were consumed by US navy during world war II), cannellini etc.

Although they may be collection of different beans they are quite closely related to each other and they can have some distinct sell or flavor.  Beans grow on all continents except Antarctica and the grow in various climates.  White beans are inhabitants of South America and now a days grown in North America also.

Food Value in White Beans

White beans are very low on saturated fats with presence of only 0.4 grams per cup.  At the same time they are full of protein.  They contain enormous amount of protein – more than 47 grams per cup which is very high quantity in plant based foods.  They also contain great amount on potassium, iron and calcium.  They are also high in folate and Vitamins C and B.

Dietary Fiber in White Beans

They contain more than 30 grams of dietary fiber per cup which is almost the daily needs of a person per day.   In 100 grams of bean there is around 20 grams of dietary fiber which is mostly soluble fiber.

Health Benefits of White Beans

Since white beans are full of soluble fiber they absorb the cholesterol which is present in the bile juices.  The extra cholesterol which can get deposited in the arteries of the heart can slowly block the them which can cause heart diseases such as heart attacks  The cholesterol which is absorbed from the bile is eliminated through the stool.

White beans also does not let the blood sugar levels rise too quickly hence they are also beneficial for those who suffer from elevated blood sugar levels hence they can prevent diabetes if taken regularly.

Since they contain very good amount of potassium they can help in protecting your heart health by lowering blood pressure levels, reduces the risk of stroke, preserves muscle mass and prevents kidney stones.  Many studies have shown that risk of cardiovascular diseases decrease with consumption of potassium.

The folate in the beans acts as anti oxidant and improves our immune system.

How To Consume

Like the other beans such as kidney beans and lima beans, white beans also need to be soaked in water for 4 to 6 hours.  Doing this removes or reduces the possibility of gas building up or flatulence in the abdomen and you can enjoy the beans without any embarrassment.

You can also buy cans which contains the beans and can be cooked immediately.  However dry beans are economical as compared to canned beans.

Beans can also be used to prepare many kinds of soups and other recipes.

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