Why African Bushmen Are Healthier Than Wetern Counterparts

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African Bushmen who are close to nature are much more healthier in term of metabolic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and high blood sugar compared to their western counterparts.  Why is it that bushmen who often do not have the modern healthcare facilities are so healthy?

The answer lies in the food they take.  Bushmen take foods which are mostly unprocessed and available more easily in the nature.  Which means that they take large amounts of fruits, vegetables, leaves and herbs.  Plant based product are rich in dietary fiber which makes the real difference.

In fact you would be surprised to know that our ancestors consumed many times the food we consume and still they were healthier.  In many communities people used to consume around 12 pounds of food and still they were not Obese.  The major difference was they used to also take around 100 grams of fiber.  Contrast that with the modern food.  Many people take less than 10 grams of fiber and huge amount of sugar in various forms.

Due to this we are falling victim to many metabolic conditions such as coronary heart diseases, diabetes and obesity.

If you want to learn more on how fiber helps in fighting the metabolic diseases you will find the following video very useful.  You will learn how fiber benefits your digestive system and helps preventing many diseases including certain kinds of colon cancers.


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