Why Eating Celery Is So Common Sense

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Celery are one of the unique kind of vegetables.  They are crispy and crunchy unlike most other vegetables.  Still they have their own die hard fans in different pockets of the world.  Celery  is eaten by many people who are on weight loss diet as they are very low on calories.  It contains only 12 kcal in 100 grams which is ridiculously low amount of energy.  You may be aware that like celery, fibers are also used by many who are on weight loss regime.

Being low on calories does not mean that celery is also low on food value and nutrition.  In this article you will come across many benefits of eating more celery.

Nutrition Value in Celery

Although most of the weight in celery is water, it also contain bulk fiber which is helpful in cleansing your bowel and colon and also preventing many health disorders.  Celery also contains many types of Vitamins such as A, B, C, E and K.  These vitamins play a very vital role in the well being of out body and provide many benefits.

Celery also contains many trace metals which help in keeping us healthy and increase the vitality of organs.  Some of the trace metals are Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus.

Health Benefits of Celery Consumption

There have been several studies which have associated Celery consumption with many health benefits.  Here are some of the benefits –

As mentioned above there are many minerals and Vitamins which are present in celery apart from dietary fiber.  However the major area where celery triumphs is the presence of many different beneficial chemicals.  For example celery is a store house of Phenolic acids, Flavones, Flavonois, Dihydrostilbenoids, Phytosterols and Furanocoumarins.  All these have great anti oxidant properties which help the body in fighting free radicals and repairing damages cells.  These chemicals also help in –

Fighting Heart Disease

Fiber in the celery can help you to fight heart disease.  Usually stress and inflammation can cause hardening of arteries also known as atherosclerosis.  Celery and other vegetables which are full of anti inflammatory materials help in reducing inflammation and also help in reducing cholesterol levels and in turn help in improving heart health.  Celery contains substances which act as diuretic, helping in reducing the pressure on the blood vessels and also reduces blood pressure.

Fighting Cancer

Celery contains various substances which help in reducing the damage to fat cells and other cells in the body.  They in fact repair the damage to the cells as they contain various kinds of anti oxidants.  Some research show that celery juice can reduce the tumors activities.

Keeping Digestive Healthy

Celery contains pectins which are a kind of polysaccharides.  Pectins help in protecting the stomach cells and keep them healthy.  The anti oxidants and the anti inflammatory substances present in the Celery also help in keeping the digestive tract healthy.  Another way your bowels remain healthy is due to the presence of fiber which help in keeping your bowel movements regular.

Just in case you are interested – garlands made of celery leaves were found in the grave of Tutankhamin one of the most famous ancient Egyptian kings.  Celery was very important in the ancient times.  It can be gauged from the fact that ancient Greek athletes were awarded celery leaves on winning athletic events.

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