Why Fiber Is Important During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can come with its own challenges and joys.  One one hand there is a expectation and on the other hand there are several health issues.  Some of the health issues which are faced by pregnant ladies frequently are constipation, weight gain and in some cases gestational diabetes.  Of course there are many other conditions but for this article we will limit our scope to these article.

Importance of Fiber During Pregnancy

Let us see how fiber can be helpful in the conditions mentioned above.

Constipation – Constipation is caused due to many different reasons during pregnancy.  Two of there reasons are hormonal changes and changes in the shape of body in the third trimester which puts pressure on the guts and various organs.  Adding more fiber to a pregnant lady’s will certainly make it easier to have smoother motions.  Fibers soak up water and make the stool travel smoothly through the guts.  If you want to try out fiber supplements such as Metamucil, you can find that information here.

Fiber During PregnancyWeight Loss – Extra weight gain is often times a problem associated with pregnancy.  Many ladies have less energy and do not want to move around much or do not take part in many physical activities.  Apart from physical activity, many start increasing their diet because they think that the baby would require the extra nutrition.  This leads to weight gain problems.

Fiber can help to a large extent here by absorbing extra fat and cholesterol.

Gestational DiabetesGestational Diabetes is a condition which develops in late pregnancy in some ladies.  It causes insulin insensitivity.  If it is not treated it can cause problems to the baby.  Here also fiber can help.  Fiber prevents the blood sugar levels from rising fast which means too much insulin is not required to be released.  Add more fiber – both soluble and insoluble and you will be able to control the gestational diabetes to a large extent and also prevent it from developing into type 2 diabetes.

The bottom line is add more fiber in your diet and your health will improve whether you are pregnant or not.  During pregnancy, you will need it even more than you may while not being pregnant.  So add more veggies and fruits and if required add some supplements and you would get benefited.

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