Why FiberGum is Such a Good Fiber Product

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Fibregum is a dietary fiber product available in the market for those who are looking to purchase fiber supplements.  The main ingredient of Fibregum is Acacia Gum which is a African plant.  Gum Acacia is used in food industry extensively.  Some of the foods which use Acacia are Baked foods, beverages, Gelatins, breakfast cereals and many types of snacks.

The reason Gum Acacia is used so extensively is due to its property as a suspending or emulsifying agent, stabilizer, adhesive, flavor fixative and inhibitor of sugar crystallization. When it is added to the food Gum Acacia is an excellent, cost effective option because it has minimal impact on food and beverage flavor or texture.  Adding Gum Acacia give stability to food product without affecting the taste of flavor.

The best part about Gum Acacia is that it is an excellent source of Soluble fiber.  It is estimated that Gum Acacia contains around 80% soluble fiber. This is among the fiber containing natural produce.

Fibregum is Mainly Gum Acacia

Fibregum is based mainly on Gum Acacia which means that it is an excellent source of fiber.  In fact it contains around 90% fiber content. Fibregum has been found to be having good tolerance levels in the guts of human beings.  That means that you are unlikely to suffer from any side effects or any complications.

The best part is you can easily fulfill your soluble fiber requirements if you use this product.

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