Why Fruit Juice is Not As Healthy As Whole Fruit

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One of the first food of our ancestors when they were cavemen have been fruits. There was a reason behind it.  Fruits were delicious and grew naturally and they did not need to cultivate it.  They also gave our ancestors energy and they need not compete with meat eating animals for the fruits.

Now a days more health professional backed up my scores of studies suggest taking fruits regularly and make them essential part of our diet.  Recent trends have emerged where in many people now taking fruits juices which are available in packed form from the stores.  People seem more reluctant to chew the fruits.  They find it easier to gulp down the juice.  So is the fruit juice as healthy as the fruit itself?  The answer is NO.  Fruits are much more healthier than the juice.

Why Fruits Are Healthier Than Fruit Juice

There have been several studies such as one by Harvard University which suggested that taking fruits reduces the risk of Diabetes where as taking fruit juice increases the chances of diabetes.  Another website NHS Choice which is UK’s larges health portal also reported the similar conclusion based on several studies including the Harvard research study.

So why does this happen that fruit juice increases the chances of diabetes and whole fruits help in controlling diabetes.  The reason is fruits contain fiber.  When you eat fruit you also take fiber.  When you drink the juice you primarily take the the sugar present int he fruit which can be digested quickly.

Sugar from the fruit juice is harmful for diabetics. Since the whole fruit contains fiber it does not allows the blood sugar levels to rise too quickly.  It is much more complex to digest the fruit instead of the mere juice.  Fruit fiber also cleans the intestines and help prevent constipation.

Is Fruit Juice Available in the Stores Better Than Home Made Juice?

The answer is not.  In face fruit juice available in the stores is worse than home made juice.  The reason is additional sugar is added which make it more harmful.  They also contain preservatives and less fresh than home made juices.


Take more fruits and try to avoid fruit juices.  In case you are interested in knowing about fruits which have high fiber content you can read the article on list of high fiber fruits.

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