Why Metamucil May Not Be Suitable For Kids

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If you take Metamucil regularly and reap its benefits, you may sometimes be tempted to try it on your kid whenever they face constipation. Is that safe to do? Is it advisable to do this? In this article I will try to answer this question.

Why Metamucil May Not Be Suitable For Children?

Usually it is not advisable for kids to take Metamucil.  So what are the reasons behind this? Usually Metamucil thickens some time after coming in contact with water. Psyllium fiber thickens into a gel since it absorbs water like a sponge.  In fact, this ability to absorb lot of water by Psyllium, is behind the working in Metamucil.

In case of kids, their food pipe and the stomach are not as much large as adults. When the Psyllium increase its volume in the stomach and the guts it may create blockage. This will cause more problems rather than solving it. In some other cases, if the Psyllium does not clear out totally from the esophagus, chocking can happen.

Another reason it may not be suitable for kids to take Metamucil for constipation is that the constipation may be due to some other medical reasons. Adults are more aware of their body so they can feel if the problem is caused due to constipation. Children may have stomach pain which may not be due to constipation alone. So it is always better to ask and consult your doctor and get the suggestions.  If you kid suffers from constipation you can give high fiber food for constipation relief.

In Some Cases Metamucil May Be Given to Kids

Metamucil For KidsUsually Metamucil can be given to kids above 13 year in some rare cases it can be given to kids around 10 years and above. But extreme caution should be maintained. For this first consult your doctor if Metamucil will help your kid and if it is safe for them. Usually kids as well as adults like the orange flavor the most.

Give very low dose, may be half of adult dosage and make them drink lot of water. Around 1 glass of water should be good enough.  In case they feel chocking sensation give him or her more water to wash it down.  Continue to monitor and ask if they are feeling comfortable. If more problems happen take to your kid to your doctor immediately.

If you follow the above steps you should be good.

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