Why Metamucil Orange is the So Popular

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There are many options when you try to buy Metamucil including powder in various flavors, capsules and wafers. Many people, while aware of the benefits offered by Psyllium, still hesitate to take it.  In fact some of them dread taking it.  Metamucil Orange has been created for them. It offers all the benefits and tastes great. Let us see what some of the customer say about Metamucil Orange.

The orange flavor is very orangey and not fake like artificial flavoring. It dissolves after a 10 second mix with a spoon and it tastes so good! If you leave it for awhile, it will thicken so drink immediately. ~ Amazon Customer

Many customers also say that this is by far the best tasting and effective product they have tried. This is the conclusion after they have tried the Metamucil caplets and other flavors.

Metamucil Orange Sugar FreeMetamucil Orange, has the tangy taste of Orange, which I think is one of the most popular fruit in the world. Since my childhood I like Orange lozenges as they had the sweet and sour taste of Oranges.  Metamucil Orange, is also my favorite flavor. Even my hubby likes this the most, however we do understand the benefits of Psyllium and take it even when this flavor is not available. After all taste is not everything.  Not all people agree, however, with our opinion.

Unlike the other flavors, which are difficult to have, for most people, this is quite easy to mix in water and drink. In fact people who have not tried this usually take Metamucil capsules to fulfill their fiber needs. Many people also find that It tastes like fruit punch and is very smooth.

One tip you can follow, is to use enough water and drink immediately.  Do not allow it to sit.  In that case it will thicken.

This flavor is available in Sugar free form also and does not contain Sucrose which provides the extra sweetness. If you are diabetic or looking for weight loss, go for sugar free version.

Where To Buy Metamucil Orange?

Usually it should be available in your local pharmacy or walmart. But I have also seen, many customers complaining that this flavor is not available in their area. Not sure what is the reason for this. But you can always buy online from reliable suppliers like Amazon.

Here are two links to buy from Amazon.

 1. This is the product which is sweet and tangy in taste.

Metamucil Orange Sugar Smooth Texture Powder 48.2oz/114 Doses

 2. This is the Sugar free version
Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Supplement Orange Sugar Free Smooth Texture Powder 114 Doses


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