Why Oatmeals Are So Good

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Oatmeals are becoming more popular by the day.  The reason for this is not difficult to understand.  After all, Oatmeals contain good amount of dietary fiber, keeps the the heart healthy and helps in controlling weight.

But what could be the secret behind such benefits of Oatmeals.

Reason Why Oatmeals Are So Good for Health

The number one reason Oatmeals are good is because they contain beta-glucan which are are polysaccharides of D-glucose monomers linked by β-glycosidic bonds.  European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recognizes beta-glucan as the only fiber which can help reduce risk of diseases such as heart disease.

Beta-glucan, is a soluble fiber which traps substances with high cholesterol and flushes them out. This improves your heart health.  One of the research also found that Oats form viscous liquid when it comes in contact with the saliva and also when it is in the intestines.  Due to this it improves Satiety and prevents us from munching junk food.

If you have Oats in the breakfast you can easily last till the lunch time up to four hours later without the need to take any other snack.

Oats also have a low Glycemic Index(GI) (a measure of how quickly blood glucose levels rise) which prevents quick rise in blood sugar levels.  It takes longer to digest and thus imparts the feeling of fullness.  If you suffer from Diabetes then Otameals are ideal food for you because of its low GI property.

Besides the above health benefits, Oats are also a great source of B Vitamins that provide energy & enhance the nervous system. 

Some studies also suggest that oat meal enhances Serotonin chemical in the brain that makes you feel happier and full. 

Here are the Key ingredients of Oatmeal :

Beta-glucan – Makes you less hungry and improves heart health.

Avenanthramide – (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer)

Magnesium – A mineral that aides energy production, boosts mood, prevents heart attacks by relaxing blood vessels and regulating heart muscles.

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