Why We Feel Sleepy After Consuming Rice

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You may have noticed that after a heavy lunch at India or Thai restaurant you feel sleepy.  Same could happen after a visit to a Mexican restaurant which serves dishes full of cheese and refined flour quesadilla.  The common factor is these restaurants serve foods which are delicious to eat for with half an hour or so you start feeling drowsy and dull.  If it is your working day, you are in tough luck trying to keep awake and work.

So Why Does Rice and Flour Based Foods Make You Sleepy

Rice and flour based foods make you feel sleepy since they contain carbohydrates which are fast digesting.  Both rice and flour are easier to digest and they quickly get converted into sugar.  This sugar is absorbed into the blood stream from the intestines.  The quick rise in the blood sugar levels signals the body to release insulin to bring this blood sugar levels down.  Insulin in turn triggers the release of tryptophan. Tryptophan get converted in to Serotonin, a chemical which signals the brain that it is too tired and it is time to sleep.

Other foods which can make you feel sleepy are potatoes, especially the mashed potatoes, cream, cheese and tofu and sweet drinks.

How To Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Lunch

Try to avoid too much of the above mentioned foods.  Always eat less and more frequently.  Feeling sleepy after a meals is a signal that the food is too heavy for you and most likely going to make you fatter.  If you want to have rice then have brown rice and it contains more fiber and gets digested slowly.  Have at the most half to one cup of rice in a meal.  Also add more vegetables and legumes in your meals.

Vegetables and fruits should be consumed regularly since they contain many nutrients and fiber.  You will feel fuller and at the same time not feel sleepy.  If you want to start taking more vegetables here is an article which can help you.

Another trick is to take a fruit like apple or some sprouts salad half an hour before the lunch.  That way you will not be overeating on fast digesting, high glycemic index foods such as potatoes, rice and refined flour.  your craving will be reduced when you take an apple or some other fruit some time before the lunch which means that you will end up taking healthier portions and not struggle with sleepiness.

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