Why You Should Chew Slowly and Longer

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I keep on writing about the various aspects of dietary fiber, the various supplements and their benefits.  It all boils downs to one thing – eating.  Although we keep on emphasizing about eating the right foods and why that is important, in this article we will touch another aspect: how to eat rightly.

Why is it important to eat slowly

Sometimes we wonder, why, despite eating the right kind of foods, and sacrificing your favorite junk foods,  you are still not getting the results you are expecting: you think, “I am still now losing the amount of weight I should lose, I am still eating lot of junk foods.  Since I am not getting the results, why not as well enjoy the foods I love.” Or, something on the same lines.

What can we do? Give ourselves a pep talk or listen to some motivating speech?  Or, find something more on what we can still do more.

Let me suggest an alternative, which is mostly missed out: Eat slowly.

Eating slowly has tremendous benefits.  I have been a fast eater most of my life.  Usually I am the one to finish my food the fastest on most of the tables. Few people have commented to me about this habit.  But I never gave it any serious thought.  In recent months I have realized the importance of eating slowly.  Slowly a whole new world has unfolded before me about eating.

How to Eat Slowly

Eating slowly may seem simple, but it needs you to be mindful.  Take small amount of food and then make a intention of chewing it for atleast 32 times slowly.  Remember, chewing slowly is important.

You should not think that chewing 32 times is the primary objective and chew fast for 32 times and gulp down the food.  You need to chew slowly, moving the food from one side to another and being aware of the eating process.  In the process you could also chew many times more than 32 times.

Enjoy the texture, taste and the flavor of the food.  If required you can also close your eyes when chewing.  Eating can almost become a mindfulness practice. Once the food is thoroughly chewed down and almost in semi liquid form, then gulp it down and prepare for the next one.

Here are some benefits of eating slowly

You eat less. Since you eat slowly you will need more time to eat.  Your brain sends a message after some time that you are full.  This will prevent overeating.  Gradually you will shed of the extra weight in a healthier manner.

You eat more healthy foods. When you eat mindfully you also become more aware of what you are eating and feeding your body.  Even if you love junk foods, you will more likely to choose healthier foods.  You may also end up adding healthier and nutritious foods which full of nutrition such as: avocado, apples, carrots, more beans such as kidney beans or sprouts.

You will have better digestion.  When you do not chew the food properly, digestive system has to work overtime to break the foods.  When you chew it slowly and grind it more, it becomes more easily digestible since it get more digestive enzymes from the saliva and the food is easier to digest.

You get more nutrition. All the nutrition in food is now available for absorption as the food is more digestible.  The soluble fiber in the food also becomes available in more usable form for the body.  The insoluble fiber mixes more thoroughly with the food and provides you all the benefits of fiber rich food.

Healthier Teeth. When you chew slowly and more number of times you give a good exercise to your teeth and gums.  This makes the teeth stronger and healthier.

Symptoms of Eating fast

So how can you tell you are eating fast.  Here are some indicators: If you cannot recognize the taste of various ingredients which you are eating you may be eating too fast.  Eating slowly helps you to recognize the various things present in your food.  Even if you are not able to recognize the ingredient, can you recognize how many different things are there in the food you are chewing?  Are you the one you finishes the fastest even though you quantity is not the least?  These are some of the signs that you may be eating too fast.

Try it today.  Set an intention of eating slowly.  Remember the intention when you sit down to eat next time.  You should be able to enjoy and appreciate the food more and also get more nutrition.  You will start complementing the food and the person who has prepared it for you. As as added bonus you also get much more healthier.

Here is an excellent video which explains the mindful eating:

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