Why You Should Eat An Apple A Day

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Apple is one of the most popular fruits.  People all over the world enjoy this fruits everyday.  It is available in many varieties and can taste sweet or sour depending on the variety or the ripeness of the fruit.

As per Wikipedia, Apple has more than 7500 varieties and grown all over the world.  Apple is also full of nutrition and it is believed that it can help prevent many types of cancer including Colon cancer.

Apple as Dietary Fiber Source

Apple is extremely good source of dietary fiber and helps keeps your bowel movements healthy.  If you eat one apple everyday, chances are that you will not suffer from constipation.  Dietary fiber is present in its flesh as well as the skin.  Just one apple contains around 4.4 grams of dietary fiber which is almost 20% of your daily fiber need.

How To Eat Apples

Apples are usually eaten raw but there are other interesting ways to eat the apple and fulfill the dietary as well as the nutrition requirements.  Here are some of them –

Apple Salads – For making this you can mix together some sweet and tart apples cut into cubes and then add raisins, cashew, olive oil, vinegar and salt.  Toss them together and enjoy.

Apple Juice – Use a juicer at home and extract the juice.  Add some pepper and enjoy.  Do not add sugar.

Apple Jelly – Boil apples in water till it is soft.  Take out the apples and mash them and add some sugar.  This can be given to babies and it will help them in constipation also.

Precaution While Eating Apple

Always wash your apple properly before eating since pesticides are used in many Apple orchards.  Cleaning is also essential to remove dirt or any germs which can cause infections or diseases.

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