Why Your Fiber Requirements Need Not Be Expensive

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Since most dietitians recommend including dietary fiber in the food, some people assume that it can cost them significant amount of money.  However that is not necessarily true.  In fact compared to other major macro nutrient, fiber is quite cheap.

Why is Fiber Cheap?

Fiber is quite cheap since it is available in regular vegetables and fruits. If you take around three servings of fruits and vegetables in your food would be able to meet your daily recommended fiber needs.  Fiber is present in the cell membrane of plant cells and they are not present in the animal products.  If you take fruits and vegetables regularly you can be assured that you are near your daily goal of fiber intake.

Apart from fiber rich fruits and vegetables, you can also meet your fiber needs from Oats or other grains.  If you are looking for a healthy Oatmeal recipe here is one of them.  However if you are Gluten intolerant then you can also go for sprouts from various legumes.  Growing sprouts at home is a very easy process which you can learn here.

Even Supplements Are Not That Costly

If you think that your fiber needs are not met with regular meals which you take at home, you can buy fiber supplements which are available in the market.  Some of the fiber supplements such as Psyllium based supplements are not expensive.  In fact for less than a dollar a day you can easily fulfill your fiber requirements.  One such supplement sells by the brand name of Metamucil.

If you still find Psyllium to be costly which is hardly around $10, you can go for another brand of Psyllium which sells by the name Isabgol.  Psyllium is known as Isabgol in South Asia and sold by that name.  You can easily buy Isabgol for around 3 dollars in most Indian stores in US.

As you can see, fiber requirements can be met inexpensively.  There is no excuse for you to not being able to meet your fiber requirement.

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