Yet More Proof That Fiber is Good For Heart Health

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We have been informing you repeatedly in our articles about the benefits of dietary fiber.  For example we have explained how fiber keeps hearth healthy in an earlier article. Recent studies have some more proof about the health benefits of fiber.  For example it has now been found that pectin which is a fiber found in Apples is good for maintaining a healthy heart.

Fiber prevents or delays onset of occlusion of artery, which in lay man’s term means partial of complete blockage of the arteries.    Occlusion of artery if the leading reason for heart attacks.

A recent study by Catholic University of Daegu, in Korea that if pectin which is a fiber in Apples is taken as dietary fiber it prevents Occlusion of arteries and thus preventing heart attacks.  It was also found that it also prevents ischemic injury or cellular damage in the cells due to lack of Oxygen.

In this study rats were fed 10, 40, 100 and 400 mg/ of pectin supplement.  It was found that 100 and 400 mg/kg/day dose was the most effective dose in preventing heart blockage and injury of the cells and tissues in the heart region.

Thus the study concluded that pectin which is a dietary fiber found in many other fruits such as guava, pears, plum and citrus fruits such as oranges is excellent for preventing building up of heart blockages.  If also prevents Ischemic injuries.  If you are interested in learning about more fruits which are good source of fiber you can read here.


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