Your Malfunctioning Glands Can Cause Constipation

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Endocrine glands are responsible for proper functioning of our body and its various systems.  Endocrine glands affect us all the time even when we are aware or unaware about them.  For example if you are feeling good and charged up, or feeling depressed or suffer from too much of anger or lethargy it is most likely caused by gland.parathyroid gland

There are multiple endocrine glands which are present in the body which are responsible for releasing specific hormone important for performing various bodily functions.  We will learn about them little bit later in this article.

Role Of Endocrine Glands

Apart from physical role they are also responsible for our emotions and various mood swings.  For example adrenal gland is responsible for releasing adrenaline hormone which tells the body that there is some danger to us so that we are ready to either fight or take flight which means to run away.  Similarly there are multiple glands like pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid and pancreas as some more examples.

In yoga there is a concepts of chakras.  Chakras can be interpreted as the energy centers are associated with some of these glands.  It is believed that when the energy balances in the chakras are disturbed these can cause various disorders in your body and mind.

The reason is that all these glands release specific hormones which are responsible for total harmony of the body and the mind.

When these glands do not work properly we can end up suffering from various diseases and illnesses and one of them is Constipation.  Let us see how endocrine glands may cause you constipation.

How Constipation Can be Caused by Malfunctioning Glands

Although there are many glands not all of them may be responsible for constipation or digestive problems.  The four major glands which can cause constipation are thyroid, parathyroid and pancreas and to some extent adrenal gland.

Constipation Due to Thyroid Gland

Thyroid glands are present in the throat near the adam’s apple.  Thyroid gland control the body metabolism and how the fat and proteins are digested.  Thyroid gland releases hormone called TSH and it plays part in many important functions of the body.

When this hormone is not release properly the metabolism also does not happen properly and due to that the digestive process slows down and protein and fat are not broken down properly.  When the digestive process becomes lethargic constipation is bound to happen.

Constipation Caused By Parathyroid Gland

Parathyroid glands are present in the throat behind thyroid gland and they release a hormone called parathyroid hormone.  This hormone regulates the calcium in your blood and when not working properly causes hypercalcemia.  If you suffer from hypercalcimia you are likely to ha problems related to brain and nerves.

Muscle contraction is also controlled by calcium.  Therefore the intestines muscles and the stomach muscles may not work properly which affects both the digestion and the peristaltic movements which push the food towards the colon.  You can read hypercalcemia can cause constipation for more information.

Constipation Caused By Pancreas

Pancreas are located on the left side of your abdomen.  They secrete insulin which is a hormone which is responsible for controlling the sugar absorption in the cells from the blood.  When we take sugar in form of carbohydrates, sugar is release into the blood stream.  Insulin then sends a message to the cells and the muscles to absorb the sugar into the cells to get the energy.

In certain conditions your pancreas do not work properly and not enough insulin is released.   Due to this cells do not absorb the sugar from the blood stream and the sugar levels remain high.  This condition is known as diabetes.

When a person suffers from diabetes for a long time the excess sugar can damage the cell linings in the arteries and the nerves and causes a condition called neuropathy.  Neuropathy is a condition where in the nerves does not work properly and affect the functioning of muscles including the gut muscles.  This can cause digestion and the elimination to slow down and over time the patient suffers from constipation on almost daily basis.  We have seen patients who are not able to clear to bowels days on end.

The above three are just few of the causes of constipation.  It is important that in case of prolonged constipation problems we should take the advice of the doctors to determine the cause of the problem instead of just taking the laxatives like isabgol.

Whatever may be the reason  taking more fiber rich foods and good amount of water is always one of the best ways to deal with constipation.  This will help in dealing with digestive and constipation problems in a better and effective manner.

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